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samplexy(sampleij, samplei) function error

Dear Ferreters,

Could you tell me what reason caused the following errors? how can I
fixed it?

Thanks a lot,
Frank Qu

fqu@saadev1 $ /apps/ferret/bin/ferret
        Program FERRET (V500beta1.1)
        Version 5.00 - 10/03/00
        27-Feb-02 10:19

yes? use 20020215_060000.cdf
yes? shade/x=200:300/y=0:100 water_vapor[d=1]
yes? use etopo60
yes? let lonlist = xsequence(longitude[d=1,x=240:270,y=40:60])
yes? let latlist = xsequence(latitude[d=1,x=240:270,y=40:60])
yes? let roseij = samplexy(rose,lonlist,latlist)
 **ERROR: command syntax: samplexy(rose,lonlist,latlist)
          samplexy before ( is illegal
yes? let roseij = sampleij (rose,lonlist,latlist)
 **ERROR: command syntax: sampleij (rose,lonlist,latlist)
          sampleij before ( is illegal
yes? let rosexy = SAMPLEI(rose,lonlist)
 **ERROR: command syntax: SAMPLEI(rose,lonlist)
          SAMPLEI before ( is illegal

Yunyao "Frank" Qu
Satellite Active Archive (SAA)

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