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Re: external functions

Hello Adil,
I am not aware of anybody who has used free software to compile
external functions.  However we have had reports from users who
have been able to compile their functions with the compilers that
they had available; their suggestions are listed at the bottom of the
External Functions web page,
See the notes on using external functions with Fortran 90, and on
compiling external functions using the Nagf95 compiler.  If you do
find a free Fortran compiler which works well with Ferret external
functions we would be interested to have that information to pass
along to other users.

Ansley Manke

Adil Sozer wrote:

> Dear Ferreters,
> I want to learn that, is it possible to compile external functions on
> an intel platform with freely avaiable software.
>                                  Adil Sozer
>                                  ODTU Deniz Bilimleri Enstitusu
>                                  METU Institute of Marine Sciences

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