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Re: time axis and 29.feb

Hello Wolfgang,
Version 5.4 of Ferret will be released very soon; it includes a solution
to your problem as well as a number of other enhancements.

Starting with Ferret version 5.33 there is the ability to define time axes
with different kinds of calendars, including  the standard Gregorian calendar
and another called NOLEAP with only 365 days in the year.   You can
regrid data from one calendar axis to another.

I am not sure quite what is happening with the dates starting on the second
of the month, but being able to work with the correct calendar may take
care of that as well.

Ansley Manke

Wolfgang Mueller wrote:

> dear ferret users
> 1) i have two data sets one with the 29.feb and one without. i would
> like to calc the mean of them on
> a common axis like:
> tdaily
> unfortunately if the 29.feb is reached it takes the value of 1-mar (the
> one without 29.feb) with the value
> 29.feb (the one with 29.feb). how can this be fixed?
> 2) as a second problem my datas starting at the second of each month. as
> i try to calc the mean on that
> axis the resulting value is set onto the first of the month. what could
> the problem in that?
> --
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> MeteoSwiss
> Kraehbuehlstr. 58,             mailto:muw@meteoswiss.ch
> CH-8044 Zuerich, Switzerland   http://www.meteoswiss.ch/

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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