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time axis and 29.feb

dear ferret users

1) i have two data sets one with the 29.feb and one without. i would
like to calc the mean of them on
a common axis like:

unfortunately if the 29.feb is reached it takes the value of 1-mar (the
one without 29.feb) with the value
29.feb (the one with 29.feb). how can this be fixed?

2) as a second problem my datas starting at the second of each month. as
i try to calc the mean on that
axis the resulting value is set onto the first of the month. what could
the problem in that?

Wolfgang Mueller               Phone +41 1 256-9203,
Kraehbuehlstr. 58,             mailto:muw@meteoswiss.ch
CH-8044 Zuerich, Switzerland   http://www.meteoswiss.ch/

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