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Geostropy calcuklations?

11/02/2002 12:40:13 PM
11/02/2002 11:32:43 AM
              I am a fresh user of ferret, Can any body help me to 
              solve the following problem, I am trying to get 
              Geostropic current vector plots usint the following 
              script , 
I am gettign the error message that

*** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on Y axis: G/(RHO*F)

How do I correct this?

When I change the set reion 
set reg/x= 60:100/y= 0:30/z=1:20/l=6
set reg/x= 20:140/y= -50:30/z=1:20/l=6
it is giving the following error message

 **ERROR: inconsistent sizes of data regions: Y axis
          F has 30 points (J=01:30)
          expression has 80 points (J=041:120)
vector um, vm
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
Please Help

used script

use levitus_climatology.cdf

let g = 9.81
let pi = 3.14159
let omega = 7.292e-5
let f = 2*omega*sin(y*pi/180)

! Set region to all space (use actual values for ni, nj and nk)
! set reg/i=1:ni/j=1:nj/k=1:nk
set reg/x= 60:100/y= 0:30/z=1:20/l=6
! Compute density

let rho = rho_un(salt,temp,z)

! Compute vertical shears
let gamma = g/(rho*f)
let u_z = gamma*rho[y=@DDC]
let v_z = gamma*rho[x=@DDC]*(-1)

let u = u_z[k=@DIN]
let v = v_z[k=@DIN]

! The flow field at the base of a 100 m mixed layer assuming the
! depth of no motion is at 2000 m.
!let um = u_z[z=2000:100@DIN]
!let vm = v_z[z=2000:100@DIN]
let um = u_z[z=2000:1@DIN]
let vm = v_z[z=2000:1@DIN]
vector um, vm
go land green


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