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problem with shared libraries

Just recently I installed ferret on a SGI, version 5.22. I was successfully
using the eof package made possible by the shared library routines. However,
suddenly it stopped working for no apparent reason. I have reinstalled the
software again from scratch, however, the fatal error continues.

use "data/anom/avg3a_spsl-anoml1.m1-12.y1-100.cavg3a21-100.nc "
set region/x=130e:110w/y=20n:65n
let eofxyfcn = eof_space(psl[x=130e:110w,y=20n:65n],2,1.0)
3620566:ferret: rld: Fatal Error: attempted access to unresolvable symbol in
/sphere/home/col414/ferret/ext_func/libs/eof_space.so: ef_set_desc_

I have no idea why this error suddenly introduced, but are concerned that
something may have happened at our system level, but so far nothing has been

Thanks for any help,

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