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setting regions for drawing polygons

Is it possible to use a region with the polymark script (or just the polygon command)?

I have a dataset which has three arrays, lon[i=1:2562], lat[i=1:2562] and a value to be plotted at those coords, sigma[i=1:2562]. I want to plot a marker at each (lon,lat) point coloured according to the values in sigma. Polymark.jnl does the job fine for the full lat & long range. But I can't get it or polygon to work if I only want to plot markers over a region.

Unfortunately, although the sequence of points is ordered in some manner I can't simply select a subset of the data. Ideally what I need to do is use set region/x=200:250/y=-30:0 but this doesn't work. I get an error that the number of polygons does not match the data.

Is there a way around this?



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