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Overlay/plot and vector direction info

dear  Ansley and ferret users
The  two following questions concern Taux and Tauy data that are zonal and meridional wind stress components in N/m2.

Question 1:
I have got two sets of data, in terms of coordinates they have the same but in term of grid space they don't have the same size.
I need to plot some data from each of the set of data together but it doesn't work properly.  Do I have to regrid one of the set or is their a other and easier way to put the two plots on the same graphic?
Question 2:
The two components are associated and constitute a vector that has a specific direction. I would like to plot this direction in deg (0 to 360) on some specific point of the area I am studying. How can I get some information about the direction of the vectors and plot this information?

Any suggestion will be really welcome,
Thank you in advance,

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