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external functions

I'm running Ferret v. 5.22 under Red Hat Linux 7.2. I'm having trouble with ferret finding external functions. I'm trying to use the external eof functions (eof_space and eof_stat, etc.). When I excecute the command in ferret: show function/external, these functions are not listed. I figured my ferret_paths might be questionable, but I believe that I'm pointing to the fer_external functions correctly. I have the lines:
export FER_DIR=/usr/local/ferret
export FER_EXTERNAL_FUNCTIONS="$FER_DIR/ext_func/libs"

In the directory, /usr/local/ferret/ext_func/libs I have among other .so files, eof_space.so eof_stat.so eof_tfunc.so

Is there anything that I overlooked that causes ferret not to know where these files are?

Andrew Gendaszek

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