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Re: Muti-cdf files

Hi Xin -

Please see the Ferret FAQ for an answer to your question re: Multi-NetCDF datasets under linux systems at:


Xin Jin wrote:

Hi Mick,

I've tried it again, but not work. It seems related to the linux operate system. I have also tested it in a Sun workstation, it really works. Does anybody else has the experiences with linux on this descriptor file?



Mick Spillane wrote:

Hi Xin,
        I've had that error before and after your message I tried
and succeeded in getting it again.
In the .des file that works each line with a $ (dollar sign) in it
begins with a SPACE character.  If I edit the file to remove those
leading spaces then the same error you report occurs.
        I must someday learn what goes on behind the scenes with
these descriptor files.  I remember when I first tried to use one
I got nowhere until someone supplied me with one that worked, and
I've been copying and modifying that file ever since.  This is not
too satisfactory and it would be nice if I could point you to a
full description of the syntax but I'm not aware of one.
        Hope this is of some use anyway.  I work at a Sun workstation
and have no experience with linux but hopefully this will not be
an issue.


PS Here is the descriptor file again but I've substituted a + for
every SPACE which may help to avoid any ambiguity with introduced
by email.  If you cut and paste the following lines to a file
named exptl.desplus then the command
sed 's/+/ /g' exptl.desplus > exptl.des
should result in the file that works for me.

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