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Symbol sync on a repeat cycle

Hi all,

I'm trying to plot dates over a station map using a repeat loop cycle,
apparently the symbol definition is out of sync. The dates are extracted

from the time axis.

For example, running the script test_sym.jnl:
def ax/t="1-jan-2002":"3-jan-2002"/np=5 tt

let var = 1+l+0*t[gt=tt]

plot/vs/hlim=1:5/vlim=1:5/nolab var,var

repeat/l=1:5 ( def sym dd `var,return=tstart,pre=3`; show sym dd;
plot/vs/ov/hlim=1:5/vlim=1:5/nolab var,var; label `var`,`var`,0,0,0.1
@as ($dd) )

the first run plots no labels, and on the second run the labels are
to the last definition of previous run: 03-JAN-2002.

Is there a command to update the symbol definition at each loop cycle ?

And, another question: is there a way to get only the output string:
03-JAN using the backquote syntax ? or do I need to use the
ppl function EXTRACT() ?



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