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vertical section along a track?

Hi ferreters,

I am wondering there is an easy way to plot a vertical section along a track.

I have searched the mail archive of ferret and really found a few wonderful scripts, e.g., trackplot_demo, polymark_demo, and
     polytube_demo. I have tried to understand the contents in  the section of  ----"Chapter 7A:
WORKING WITH SPECIAL DATA SETS" section "3.5 Subsampling gridded fields
onto profile coordinates and times"

subsampling to profiles

Frankly speaking, I could not catch on to them very well. It seem I have to spend much more hours on it. So I hope you guys may help me to figure out it quickly.

Thanks a lot.

Have a good weekend.



Xin Jin
Inst.of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
University of California Los Angeles
5845 Slichter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-4996, USA
phone: (310) 825 4526
fax  : (310) 206 3051
email: xjin@igpp.ucla.edu
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