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Neutral surface density.

Howdy ferreters,
Does anybody have a script that calculates depth of a certain neutral
density surface (Jackett and McDougall, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 28, 1173-1186,
1997) from model result (MOM3)?
Also, how to calculate properties (theta, S, u, v, ...) along neutral
surfaces? I assume that in Ferret we can calculate theta, S, u, .. on a
neutral density surface in similar way to the Example 3: salinity on an
isotherm in Ch3 Sec2.4.27 of Ferret 5.22 manual. Does anybody have a
script for that too?
All the best from TX,

Neven Stjepan Fuckar
Texas A&M University
Department of Oceanography
College Station
TX 77843-3146, USA
office: 628
 phone: 1-979-845-3238

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