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Re: changing the "time since" date in netcdf.

Hi again Brent,
	Sorry for having to add another item to this mail thread but it
appears that the flexibility of MC descriptors is a feature of 5.33 and
the demo I provided will not work in Ferret 5.22 and earlier.

	Among the 5.33 release notes was the following, which I remember
reading but whose import slipped past me at the time.  A key thing to
note I suppose is that, while greater flexibility is now possible, 5.33
    "shifts an additional burden onto the user of carefully
     checking the validity of the STEPFILE records".

The full text of the relevant release note is as follows:

Enhanced ability to associate time series files into a MC (multi-CDF) data set

Previous to version 5.2 Ferret performs sanity checking on an MC data set
by comparing the time coordinates with those found in the data files as the
data are read.  In version 5.3 and higher no sanity checks are performed.
This means that the MC descriptor mechanism can be used to associate into
time series groups of files that are not internally self documenting with
respect to time, however, it also shifts an additional burden onto the user
of carefully checking the validity of the STEPFILE records in the descriptor
files. Also note there is enhanced documentation of MC descriptors in the
Users Guide, Chapter 10 sec 4.

Thanks Ansley for pointing it out.  There are probably many other
nuggets of useful information in those release notes, many of which
enhancements were a direct response to previously reported user wishes.
I'm making a belated new year's resolution to reread


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