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problems with pattern fill and contour plots

Happy new year to all...

I'm using ferret 5.22 on win32 platform, and am having problem with
several things:-
1) patterns don't seem to work, I've run the go show_all_patterns and
only the first filled pattern works all the others are blank boxes.
when using the pattern option under contour command I get nothing (blank
2) Trying to do a filled contour plot I recieve a core dump for my
efforts (attached).
I have the memory set as high as possible (28-30 Mwords), otherwise a
get insufficient memory error even though it states its only after
14287601 words.
3) When trying to do a contour plot unfilled. I would like the pen
thickness not to vary? (no thick lines) how?

Thank you all and have a merry new year


David Ahrens
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Climate Impacts and Natural Resource Systems
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