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Re: Ferret hard limits

Hi Richard,
I don't think there is any place where all the limits are documented; this
is a good idea and we'll see if we can get to it.  In the meantime, the
release notes for recent versions of Ferret are a good place to track
down the information.  They're all linked to the documentation web page:

Many of these limits are being lengthened in newer versions of Ferret,
including string lengths for things like long file pathnames (512 characters
version 5.33) and the command line buffer (2048 characters in version 5.33).
The limit on open files has been 500 for quite some time, at least for sets of
files being used in an MC data set -- what kind of files are you seeing this
limit, and what is the error message you get?  It may be something else
getting in your way.

Ansley Manke

"Richard D. Slater" wrote:

> I've seen references to some of this, but I don't recall seeing any definitive
> write-up about it. I know that ferret has several hard limits coded into it,
> such as 30 open files at one time, a limit on the length of a variable name
> (user defined variable, or even read in from a netCDF file?), limit on the
> length of a command with its arguments, etc. Is there some, one, place where
> these limits are all documented.
> I'm familiar with the three that I mentioned above because I keep bumping into
> them (especially the 30 file limit).
> Might some of these be relaxed, or made user selectable (if it is a question
> of memory, say)?
> Thanks. Ferret is a great program, and I use it often.
> Rick Slater

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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