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log plotting

Ferret 5.22, intel, linux

I am having a problem doing log plots, or rather adjusting the axis range. I 
wish to do a semi-log plot where the y-axis is log scale, and the x-axis is 
linear. Following the log_plot_demo,jnl, everything works fine. However, 
ferret (or pplus) uses full orders of magnitude when picking axis limits and 
labeling them. This is not satisfactory for what I am plotting as the data has 
a range of much less than two orders of magnitude (what ferret picks for the 

The values that I am plotting range between 0.4 and 2.5. When I used these 
numbers for the vlimit= specifier, the results were not as anticipated. The 
range of the y-axis was really 10^0.4 to 10^2.5, but the axis labels were 
still two orders of magnitude, going below the lower horizontal axis, and not 
reaching the top horizontal axis. OK, I figured, even though the data given to 
the plot command is not the log, the vlimit must already be the log. So, I 
changed the limits to -0.4:0.4, and now ferret crashes.

Any ideas?


Rick Slater

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