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Re: Latitude Error

Hello Steve,
	Since you don't give any details of the file you read from
it is hard to see what is going wrong.  There does not seem to be
anything wrong with the rest of the script - if I do the following
	define axis/x=0.5:359.5:1/units=degrees lon
	define axis/y=89.5s:89.5n:1/units=degrees lat
	define grid/x=lon/y=lat latlon
	let precip=x[g=latlon]+y[g=latlon]
	save/file=preciptst.nc precip
then exit and
	ncdump preciptst.nc | more
I get what is expected
	netcdf preciptst {
        LON = 360 ;
        LAT = 180 ;

My suspicion is that somewhere before the line you showed us you
have restricted the region, or there is something wrong with your
input file.  Do a "show region", a "sho grid/all precip" and/or
"shade precip" right before you try "save"ing to netCDF to ensure
you have what you think you have.


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