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Can ferret deal with scattered plot?

Hello, there: 

I have hit a problem with ferret  recently.

I wonder know how to plot scattered figures when longitude and latitude and /or values at the corresponding grid point are given.


Suppose the data file is as below:

Lon.            Lat.        Value

120.5E      23.5N      7 

117.5E      16.5N      8

112.5E      22.5N      2

110.5E      18.5N      4

105.5E      7.5N        10

112.5E      15.5N      3

109.5E      3.5N        20

122.5E      19.5N      15




Now I want to produce a scattered plot superimposed on the map with different color representing different value range.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Can you please help me?

Thanks as always


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