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Re: Linux version of ferret printout and saving queries

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Sachin Bhandare wrote:

>          I have succesfully installed linux version of ferretand I
> have plotted contours by using ferret.My problem is that I want to
> take printout of the contour and Also to save the image of the
> contour.

While in ferret, do the following.

yes? set mode meta
yes? (your plotting commands)
yes? cancel mode meta
yes? spawn Fprint -R -l ps -p portrait -o filename.ps metafile.plt

The commands "set mode meta" and "cancel mode meta" create a metafile,
which is named metafile.plt.  Fprint calls gksm2ps to convert it to
postscript.  Once the metafile is created, you can convert to
postscript from the command line also.

$ Fprint -R -l ps -p portrait -o filename.ps metafile.plt

(Change ps to cps for colour plots and portrait to landscape for
landscape plots. The option "-o" sets the output file name.)

Regards, Shankar.

D. Shankar        -R -l col -p orientation -o filename.ps metafile.plt 
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