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linear regression

Hi all,

I have some problems using the linear regression go-tools.

My data set looks as follows:

yes? show data
     currently SET data sets:
    1> ./ozo_prod_diff.cdf  (default)
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
 OZODIFF  (OZO[D=map.79F.V2]-OZO[D=map.92  1:301     1:301     ...       1:153
 PRODDIFF (PROD79_MASK- PROD92_MASK)*100/  1:301     1:301     ...       1:153

I would like to find the equation of the best fit (and r^2) for each day
(L) when I plot ozodiff vs. proddiff.

What I tried was more or less the following, for example day 45:
yes? plot/vs/l=45 ozodiff,proddiff
yes? ! lots of points, but it looks like a pretty good linear correlation...
yes? let q = ozodiff[l=45]
yes? let p = proddiff[l=45]
yes? go regresst
yes? set grid q
yes? list slope

The problem is that 'slope', 'intercep' or 'rsquare' are not one point,
but a 301x301 array.  When I use 'go regressx' or 'go regressy' I get a
1x301 array.  Using 'go regressz' also gives a 301x301 array.

Am I using the wrong go-tool?

Ferret version:  ! Version 5.22 - 07/27/00



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