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A companion Question to Time Problems

Hello All;

In addition to the question I submitted earlier, I also neglected to ask
one about the way ferret treats the descriptions in the netcdf files.
Does ferret automatically look at the scale factors associated with a
particular data set and apply it to the data.  For example, say the data
is stored with a scale factor of 0.1; does ferret automatically use this
scale factor as you read in a kinematic field such as wind stress?

Question submitted earlier:

I have been concatenating numerous files (multiple time steps) into a
single large file (of only one day time steps).  In the new netcdf file,

I have the time variable listed in YYYYDDD format (DDD is julian date).
Err, seems ferret doesn't like this choice for a time variable.  Does
ferret only read certain types of time variable formats?  Is there a way

to get ferret to recognize YYYYDDD format at all?  Thanks in advance.


AFIT PhD Student
Texas A&M University

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