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Hi, friends,

I'm trying to regrid sea surface temprature  (including missing data
(island) , but after
I list it in unformatted file and write out formatted data in Fortran,
I got bunches of
"0 and NaN".  I don't understand why? Should I mask the island when I
regrid ?
the following is what I used to regrid. Thanks very much!

define symbol uselatrange = 30.55N:29.55s
define symbol uselatinc = 0.98
define symbol uselonrange = 119.5E:80.5W
define symbol useloninc = 2.0

let sst=temp[x=119.5e:80.5w,y=30.55n:29.55s,z=0,l=19:52]
let ssta=sst-sst[l=19:52@ave]define symbol useloninc = 2.00
define axis/Y=($uselatrange):($uselatinc)/UNIT=DEGREE ynew
define axis/X=($uselonrange):($useloninc)/UNIT=DEGREE xnew
define grid/X= xnew/Y= ynew  reg_grid
list /append /l=19 /format=unformatted /file=new.dat ssta[G=reg_grid]


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