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Re: stretched axes


Take a look at the ferret demo script multi_variable_plots.jnl (e.g., yes? go multi_variable_plots), this will show you exactly what you need to do. Although you might have to make a custom version of the relevant GO files (left_axis_plot, right_axis_plot) since you are using plot/vs commands.


On Friday, October 12, 2001, at 07:36 AM, Jeff Polton wrote:

I have calculated average temperature within areas bound by
pressure contours and have saved into three variables, as functions of the
parameter L only:
1) the values of the average temperatures, T,
2) the corresponding area sizes, A,
3) and the value of the pressure contour, P.

I want to plot T against A and have a second xaxis showing the values of P
for the corresponding values of A.

Plotting T against A is easy:

plot/vs/line/L=1:20 A,T

but I can't work out how to stretch the xaxis for P so that I could
effectively overlay

plot/vs/line/L=1:20 P,T

and get the same curve but get different xaxis labels. Any help would be
gratefully appreciated.


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