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Re: shadekey font size


This is done through an enhanced PPLUS (PPLUS+) command called SHAKEY:

>From the PPLUS+ manual:

SHAKEY do_key, orient, klab_siz, klab_inc, klab_dig, klab_len, kx_lo, kx_hi, ky_lo, ky_hi

This command controls the attributes of the key generated by the SHADE command. The key associates the colors or patterns used in the plot with the field values; its use is optional. LIST SHAKEY will list current settings of the key.

- do_key If 0 the key will not be displayed; if 1 the key will be displayed. Default is 1.
- orient If 0 the key is horizontal (by default on top of the figure); if 1 the key is vertical (by default
on the right). Default value is 0.
- klab_siz If non-zero, klab_siz is the height of key label characters in inches. If 0, SHADE selects
a reasonable height; default is 0.
- klab_inc If non-zero every klab_inc key level is labelled; if 0, SHADE selects a suitable value.
Default value is 0.
- klab_dig is the number of significant digits (klab_dig > 0) or decimal places (klab_dig < 0) in the
key. Default is 3.
- klab_len is the maximum number of characters in a key label. Default is 9.
- kx_lo X-coordinate of the left side of the key, in inches.
- kx_hi X-coordinate of the right side.
- ky_lo Y-coordinate of the bottom of the key, in inches.
- ky_hi Y-coordinate of the top.

SHAKEY 1, 1, 0, 3, 4, 8, 9.4, 10.2, 1.4, 7.4
Specifies that the SHADE command draw a vertical key with label size selected automatically and every third color of the key labelled. Labels will contain 4 significant digits to a maximum of 8 digits. The entire key will occupy a rectangle from (9.4,1.4) to (10.2,7.4) in inches.

On Wednesday, October 3, 2001, at 03:48 AM, Jozef SYKTUS wrote:

How one can control the size of numerals in (next to) shade key?

Thanks for your suggestions.



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