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Re: polymarks on 1-D time series?

> There is an FAQ that does this kind of thing:  see if this gives
> you what you need:
> "How can I overlay symbols on a plot with a time axis?"  at
> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/FAQ/custom_plots/time_series_symbol_overla
> y.html

I ended up doing it the simplest way, ie, a repeat loop over 'l' with drawing
a label at the correct place. Worked just fine:

repeat/l=1:11 (set reg/l=`l` ; label `t[g=toaflx3]-($XAXIS_MIN)` `toaflx3` 0 0 0.1 @P2@PM22)

I'll keep the FAQ answer handy, though.
Gary Strand

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