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Re: removing value in land

Hi Andrea,
	You can use one of the bathymetric data sets (such as etopo20)
to create a masked version of your dataset.
	Here is a demo where a variable "v" is defined then masked in this

def axis/x=0:359:1/units=degree_east xax
def axis/y=-90:90:1/units=degree_north yax
let v=x[g=grd]+y[g=grd]
shade v     ! just to look at the raw land and sea "data"
use etopo20 ! or one of the other bathymetries with appropriate resolution
let seavalue=if(rose[d=1,g=v] lt 0)then v
shade seavalue

Hope this helps,

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On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 andreast@usp.br wrote:

> Hello!
> I have some data that have value over land, but I would like to make some
> analysis only over oceans.
> Does anyone know how can I put 'missing value' over land?
> Thanks,
> Andrea S. Taschetto

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