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DOD's usage

I am using ferret 4.91 on a irix (sgi IRIX6)mechine (which is also an
internet server). When I give the following
use "http://www.noaa.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/nph-nc/data/coads_climatology.nc";
it comes out with following message 
 ** netCDF error: NCSYSERR 
is this a CDF file ? 
I have also used to run go dods_demo.jnl 
but not working

Is anything else I have to install apart from usual ferret installation
for using DOD's facility.

Our internet server is working fine. I need  help in this regard from
some one who are using dod's facility.

With regards,

 Dr. C.Kalyani Devasena                  Phone : +91 80 527 4649 Ext 4111.
 Fellow,                                 Fax   : +91 80 526 0392.
 CSIR Centre for Mathematical-           E-mail: kalyani@cmmacs.ernet.in
 Modelling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) 
 Belur Campus,                                    ckd_tkr@hotmail.com
 Bangalore - 560 037,          URL   : http://www.cmmacs.ernet.in/~kalyani

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