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Re: plot question: removing the year but not the months

Hi Brent,
	Glad you caught that typo in my earlier mail.  In the example
given "ppl txlint,1,0" rather than "ppl axlint,1,0" was of course the
means of turning off the YEAR part of the TIME axis values.
	At the risk of boring the user group, let me add a couple of
notes on the Plotplus commands for axis customization that may not be
generally known:

ppl axlabp,labx,laby
	by using values of +1 or 0 the axis labelling can be moved
	to the top or right (+1), or supressed entirely (0). the
	default value of -1 puts the labelling at the bottom,left
ppl axlint,lintx,linty
	plotplus by default labels every second large axis tic. to
	change this insert a value other than 2 - e.g. lint=1 to
	label every large tic; lint=5 every 5th etc
ppl axnmtc,nmtcx,nmtcy
	the defaults for this are zeros resulting in NO small tics.
	non-zero values specify the number of small tics to put
	between the large tics (4 puts 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8 between 0 and 1)
ppl axset,top,bottom,left,right
	the default values of 1 for top,bottom,left,right make all of
	the axes visible. to make one or more axes invisible use a
	value of zero - e.g. to make the righthand axis invisible use
	ppl axset,,,,0 (notice that ,, with no value between is used
	to leave undisturbed the default or previously set value)
ppl axlsze,hgtx,hgty
	allows the user to alter the height in inches from the default
	value of 0.1 but it has another potentially useful feature too!
	if NEGATIVE values are given for hgtx or hgty, the axis values
	will be multiplied by -1 before drawing. try the following
		plot/i=1:10 1/i   followed by
		ppl axlsze,-0.1,-0.1 ; ppl plot

The above commands are for numerical x or y axes.  For time axes the
corresponding commands are

ppl txlabp,labt             (-1 below, +1 above, 0 for none)
ppl txnmtc,lintt            (adds small tics; dark and light large tics
                             are used for major and minor intervals)
ppl txlsze,hght             (negative value inverts text but placement
                             may be poor)
ppl txtype,type,style  allows customization of time axis labels as follows
           type=hours style=min   (hour,minute on 2 lines)
                           =hrmin (on 1 line)
	   type=days  style=hr    (hour,day on 2 lines)
                           =hrday (on 1 line)
           type=mon   style=day   (day,month on 2 lines)
                           =daymon(on 1 line)
           type=yr    style=mon1  (1-character month and year on 2 lines)
                           =mon3  (3-character month and year on 2 lines)
                           =monyr (month,year on 1 line)
ppl txlint,lowint,highint   controls the frequency of labelling of the
                            2 levels of time axis values (earlier mail)

To anyone whose read this far,
Happy ferreting and ppl'ing

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