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Ferret compared to NCL

I do most of my visualization with Yorick, because I can develop code on
my old Macintosh and run it then on a Unix workstation. Now, I am
involved in geophysical PhD project. Most of my colleagues are using
IDL. I do not like IDL (the prices in Europe are a ripp-off and impudent
compared to the American ones).

Yorick is fast and small but does not deliver all the features (or it
would be tremendous to make it yourself in Yorick) needed for plotting
e.g. earth data.

After searching through the net I came across to two interesting
alternatives: Ferret and NCL. Ferret got my attention because I like
functional programming (e.g.functional language "Clean").

On the other side investing time and learning a new environment costs a
lot of time. Therefore my question (I work with aerosol datas):

- Is Ferret more tailored to oceanic-science or is it also good at
atmospheric science? What are the great differences between Ferret and

Thanks for the help,
S. Gonzi

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