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Re: contour levels

Hi Andrea,

> Does anyone know how can I increase the font of the values in contour

I take it that you wish to increase the size/height of the contour
labels.  This can be done with the plotplus command

	ppl conset hgt,nsig,...

where hgt = height os contour labels (default 0.08 inches),
      nsig = number of significant digits (default 2)
and   ...  a variety of other options that control the contouring process
and are to be found at the URL


Also of potential use to you are the plotplus commands "conpre" and
"conpst" which allows you to "prepend" or "postpend" text or pen and
font changes to the contour labels.  For example suppose a set of
data being contoured were speeds in units of cm/s you might use

	contour/set/i=1:10/j=1:10 i+j
	ppl conset,0.15 ; ppl conpre,@cr@p2 ; ppl conpst,cm/s
	ppl contour

The conpre and conpst commands as well as a lot of other options to
customize your graphics care to be found at


Good luck,
Mick Spillane

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