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forming sequenced time-series


I am using ferret v 5.22 on a SGI.

I can read in a data set and have access to a variable TSU with IxJxKxL of
192x96x1x960. The time axis (960 points) is actually 80 years of monthly
data. When I define a january, february... variable like

let jan=tsu[x=@ave,y=@ave,l=1:949:12]
let feb=tsu[x=@ave,y=@ave,l=2:950:12]

and overlay these time-series, they come out the same, that is equal to the
real january sequence.

My second question is, which was related to how I was trying to solve my

If I use the example on page 94 of the ferret manual,

use coads_climatology
let my_sst_months = samplel({1,6,12}, sst)
stat/brief my_sst_months

I get "ERROR: invalid command: list of indices supplied to SAMPLE* ust be

Does this rely on external functions being setup for our machine or could it
be some other problem?

Naturally I could use this approach for extracting out monthly data.

Many thanks,

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