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Re: Difficulties with Ferret


Welcome to the ferret user community!

It is simple, and as a little side line of use to many people is the 
ferret mailing list archive, a good place to find quick answers to a lot 
of simple questions. The URL is 

As to your question, to produce portrait output you can use the gksm2ps 
command when producing hardcopy. Simply add the -p portrait to force the 
plot to be portrait. The default behavior is for gksm2ps to determine 
what the best orientation is for each plot. This may not always work the 
way you want.

Hope this helps, Mark

On Thursday, July 19, 2001, at 07:27 AM, Juliette Lathiere wrote:

> Hello,
> As a new ferret user, i've got questions to ask, which will certainly be
> very simple for you:
> 	*Which function can a use to make graphics in portrait
> orientation(in fact, i've got 3 graphs on the same page and i want them 
> to
> be portrait oriented)
> Thanks a lot and have a good day,
> Juliette.

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