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PLOT problem

About PLOT problem in my last question

It seems to be a precision problem. 

For coordinates in lat-long like
-72.59805 45.67111 50.3

if I specify 2 decimals precision PPL XFOR (f10.2), all my points have an
error of +0.05 in latitude.

with 3 decimals PPL XFOR (f10.3), everything is o.k., my coordinates are
plotted at the correct positions.

I solved my problem but I still don't understand +0.05 ???

Command exemple:
SET DATA/EZ/VAR="longitude,latitude,value" "/tmp/my_data.txt"
PLOT/VS/SYMBOL=17/TITLE="Localisation" longitude,latitude
PPL XFOR (f10.3)
PPL YFOR (f10.3)


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