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ferret installation on RH Linux

Hi,  I've seen several messages in the archives about problems with
getting ferret up and running on linux systems, but I haven't been able
to find the answers to the questions.

Mine is complaining about the environment not being set up properly
('have you executed "source your_system_path/ferret_paths" ?')  I have
done this using both the source command and the set command (set
FERRET_PATHS=/usr/local/ferret_paths) as well as putting it into my
.bash_profile and re-logging in.  When I use the source command, it
complains that it gets an unexpected end of file at the end of the
ferret_paths file.   Also changed the 'setenv' commands to
bash-compatible environment setting ('setenv FER_DIR /usr/local/ferret'
--> 'FER_DIR=/usr/local/ferret' in the paths files.

Could someone please let me know how to set up the environment for linux
(running RH 7.1)?


Linda L. Rasmussen
MIT / Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Joint Program
MS#25, Woods Hole, MA  02543  U.S.A.
Phone 508.289.3466

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