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suppress the label "DATA SET: filename" at top of a contour plot


How can I suppress the "DATA SET: nppx2030c-b.asc" label at the top of a
contour plot?
I've tried the following, using the set_up qualifier and then issuing a
ppl contour command.

The following works except that the plot is NOT COLOR FILLED If I
substitute the SHADE command for
CONTOUR the color fill  works.

define axis/y= 26.25N:48.75N:0.5 lat
define axis/x= 115.75W:93.75W:0.5 lon
define grid/x=lon/y=lat grd
file/var=tmin/grid=grd/columns=45 nppx2030c-b.asc
set variable/bad=-9999 tmin
contour/fill/line/key/set_up/NOLABELS tmin
ppl contour "this title gets displayed"

Thanks for any ideas.


  Steve Knox
  B256 NESC
  Colorado State University
  Fort Collins, CO. 80523-1499

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