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Journal file

Hi Steve,

>How can I completely eliminate the journal file.

There is the command "cancel mode journal" which does this.
You can add it in your .ferret file to set this option for any ferret
session you will launch. The 2nd line is there to remove the journal file
created before the "cancel mode journal" command!

cancel mode journal
sp rm -f ferret.jnl

Just type "set mode journal" if you want to start to reccord a journal file.

PS: You can clean after a while your reccorded ferret scripts by a unix alias like:
alias clean='find . \( -name ".*%" -o -name "*%" -o -name "*~" -o -name core -o -name "ferret.jnl*" -o -name "metafile*.plt*"  \)
-print -exec rm {} \;'

- Patrick

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Unite mixte de recherche CNRS-CEA
L'Orme des Merisiers - Bat.701 - CEA/Saclay
91191 GIF sur YVETTE cedex - FRANCE
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