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Re: How to do 1D objective analysis (ie gridding irregular timeseries)?


If you don't want exact control over the regridding, you can just use the built-in ferret axis regridding routines. All you do then is define the new time axis.

Assume that your variable on the uneven time axis is TEMP, and the newly defined time axis is regtime:

plot TEMP[gt=regtime]

For a list of regridding transformations (v5.22) see the ferret user's manual:
Ch4 Sec2.3.1. Regridding transformations

On Wednesday, May 23, 2001, at 11:33 AM, Lev Tarasoff wrote:

I have an irregularly spaced timeseries that I want to put onto a
regular chronology. How do I do objective gridding on the sequence of
(time,value) pairs? Is there a 1D version of scatter2grid around?
(I couldn't find anything useful from the archives)



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