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Re: How to do 1D objective analysis (ie gridding irregular timeseries)?

Hi Lev,
You should just be able to regrid onto a time axis of your choice,
using any of the regridding transformations, if I understand your
question correctly.   The scat2grid functions are only needed for
2D problems.  See Chapter 4 sec 2.3.1 "regridding transformations"
in the Users Guide

Ansley Manke

Lev Tarasoff wrote:

> I have an irregularly spaced timeseries that I want to put onto a
> regular chronology. How do I do objective gridding on the sequence of
> (time,value) pairs? Is there a 1D version of scatter2grid around?
> (I couldn't find anything useful from the archives)
> thanks
> Lev
> Lev Tarasoff -  Dept of Physics, University of Toronto,
>                 60 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M5S 1A7
>                 Tel (416)-946-3019  Fax (416)-978-8905
>                 email: lev@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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