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Re: list of ferret commands,qualifiers,transformations

Hi Emilio,

In addition to the queyies to Ferret that Ansley mentioned, try checking the
email archives for messages from Mark Verschelle, who did the same task that
you are contempating for emacs. That might save you some time as a starting
point. If you can't find it, email me offline, I use the feature all the time
and have the files in my own directories (not accessible at this instant).

Thanks for taking this task on!

    - steve


Emilio Mayorga wrote:

> Steve et al.,
> I want to write a configuration file to do Ferret syntax coloring for
> Textpad, a nice text editor for windows. I'd like to use different colors
> for comments, commands, qualifiers, transformations, functions, and
> possibly reserved variables.
> What's the easiest way of getting an ascii dump of each of these, as
> separate lists?
> Thanks for your help.
> Emilio
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