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writing several .nc files to 1 file

Hi Ferret Users,

Hopefully this should be an easy problem for the more experienced users.
I've got 17 netcdf that I want to combine into 1 netcdf file.  They all
are of dimension 144x37x1 (no time) of the same variable (ao).  The 144x37
are the same but they each have a different z-axis. (1000, 925, 850,
700....)  I want to combine them into a 144x37x17 file.  I tried the
simple brute force technique of
save/file=verttest.nc/klimits=1:17/clobber ao[d=1]
and got the message
 LISTing to file verttest.nc
 **ERROR: invalid command: Exceeds grid limits: klimits=1:17
          Variable: AO

For completeness, here's the output of show data/full
yes? show data/full 1
     currently SET data sets:
    1> ./airanom.1000.1000.nc

 name     title                             I         J         K
 AO       (TEST97*-1)/3600                 1:144     1:38      1:1
               on grid GGP1 with -1.E+34 for missing data
             X=1.2W(-1.2):1.2W  Y=3.8S:91.2N  Z=999.5:1001

Can someone help me out please?

Thanks in advance,


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