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Problem of longitudinal cyclicity - without typos (sorry)

Howdy ferreters,
I'm working on one global data set (I=1:181, J=1:64, ...). 
Problem is when I want to make figure of Atlantic, let say SST from 75
west to 25 east (set region/x=75W:25E/...), Ferret simple cuts it at the
zero meridian, i.e. plots STT from 75 west to the Greenwich prime
meridian. To me it looks like Ferret has problem with cyclicity of this
data. I would appreciate any explantion or suggestion of how to make
Ferret to include in figure also a region on the right (east) side of the
prime meridian from this data set.
All the best,

Neven Stjepan Fuckar
Texas A&M University
Department of Oceanography
College Station
TX 77843-3146, USA
phone: 1-979-845-3238

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