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Re: Can i overlay only one symbal on a plot??

Hi Danish,

To overlay a single symbol, use the PLOT/VS command. There is a
related (though with a slightly different twist) example in the
FAQ at

The explanation of this behavior is that in a 4D context a plot
of a single point leaves ambiguous what the plane of the plot
is. I will look into lifting this restriction in the case of an
overlay, where the ambiguity has generally been resolved.

    - steve


danish wrote:

> Hi ferreters,             I just try to overlay one symbal on
> a time series plot.            But ferret seems require at
> least two points to overlay.            It just
> like:             plot/i=1/j=42/l=1:20/line zeta
> plot/i=1/j=42/l=20/color=red/sym/size=0.2/overlay
> zeta             Ferret says" dimension improperly specified;
> overlay is on a different axis "             if i change
> script like:             plot/i=1/j=42/l=1:20 zeta
> plot/i=1/j=42/l=19:20/color=red/sym/size=0.2/overlay
> zeta             ferret would plot two symbal on original
> plot.            Can ferret just overlay only one
> symbal??             And i would like ferret to plot a time
> series ouput like             repeat/l=1:20
> (plot/i=1/j=42/line zeta ;
> plot/i=1/j=42/color=red/sym/size=0.2/ov zeta)
> Symbal will move with time movement.            But when i
> give the command like above, ferret gives me the same error
> message.            Is there anyone have
> idea??
> danish

Steve Hankin
NOAA/PMEL, 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-0070
ph. (206) 526-6080 -- FAX (206) 526-6744

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