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mixed layer depth from the reverse order data in depth

Dear Sir

I would like to calculate the mixed layer depth by the following script. 
But error occur because data in the sampel.txt is reverse in depth(from 
deeper to shallower). If the data is in the order from shollower to 
deeper,no error come. 

Could you tell me how to read the data in the ferret in the order from 
shallower to deeper?I may be able to do outside of ferret using AWK. But I 
would like to do in ferret.

file /var="tem,sal,dep"/g=depthgrid sample.txt
define axis/z depax=dep[d=1]
define grid/z=depax depthgrid
file /var="tem,sal,dep"/g=depthgrid sample.txt
let rho=rho_un(sal[d=1],tem[d=1],dep[d=1])
let diffr=rho-rho[k=1]-0.3
let mldr=diffr[z=loc:0]

let mldr

(temperature)  (salinity)       (depth)
29.69          31.8             32.1                    
29.69          31.8             30.2
29.75          31.5             20.6
29.78          31.2              9.8
29.9           30.7              0.1

Thank you in advance.

Takaya Namba

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