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environment space

Hi, everyone,
After my pc's system was changed  from windows 98 to windows me yesterday, my ferret refused to work. The problem is that when I run ferret, the following  appear:
out of environment space
You must set your X server DISPLAY variable
Use the Control Panel, double click on System, click
on the Environment tab and add a DISPLAY variable.
Or, set it at the bash command line before starting Ferret.
See the README file for more information
Setting DISPLAY variable to default value of ":0.0"
Available commands:
    finder (Windows version of Fgo, Fdata, etc.)
Type help after starting ferret to load your default Web browser
with the Ferret documentation home page
 ferret.sh: exec: bash: not found
How to deal it? Thanks in advance.
Yiquan QI

 QI  Yiquan Ph. D.
 Lab for Remote Sensing Application,
 South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
 164 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou, China, 510301.
 Phone:84464727(H), 84450245(o),84451335-632(O)
 Fax: 84451672


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