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Re: Memory problem!!

Hi Danish,

Usually the error message "9999999 words were requested"
indicates that the expression has an "abstract" axis for which
you have not specified the limits

In your command
    FILL salt[j=43,l=1], x, dept[j=43]

the variable "x" as it stands is an abstract axis.
(Pseudo-variables do not inherit axes from other expressions on
the same line -- only from other variables within the same

Try replacing "X" with "X[g=salt]"

    - steve


danish wrote:

> Hi ferreters,         I have a NETcdf file which is about
> 5MB.        And it contains sigma coordinate data.        So,
> i use 3 argment SHADE, FILL command to draw my plot.
> Original data have dep, salt,temp.        I use LET to give a
> new variable "dept" to give layer, and try to plot.
> Script is like below:         USE compute.cdf        LET
> dept=dep[GZ=salt]*(Z-0.5)/6  ! 6 layer and plot in middle
> cell        FILL salt[j=43,l=1], x, dept[j=43] ! plot salt
> cross section along x axis at j=43 when time_step=1
> Ferret shows a error about insufficient memory, and 9999999
> words were requested.        Then i use "set mem/size=100",
> ferret shows the same error, but 899999910 words were
> requested.        My God, is there anything wrong??         I
> try to reduce memory usage, it still be the same.        I use
> " FILL/j=43/l=1 salt,x,dept" to try again, the same error
> occured.        But Ferret can plot "FILL
> salt[j=43,l=1]".         I have checked the value of "dept",
> it is
> good.
> danish

Steve Hankin
NOAA/PMEL, 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-0070
ph. (206) 526-6080 -- FAX (206) 526-6744

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