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Re: How to extract file name to symbol?

Hi Andrew,

There will be a clean solution to this in Ferret V5.3 where you will have

    `my_var,return=dset`      - to get the data set name
    `my_var,return=dsetnum`   - to get the data set number
    `my_var,return=dsetpath`  - to get the full data set name&path

In V5.22 the following kludge will capture the data set name and title as

     use coads_climatology
     plot/set sst[i=1,j=1,l=1]
     !show symbols   ! the whole list of 'em
     show symbol LAB($LABNUM_DATITL)
     show symbol LAB($LABNUM_DSET)

The kludge needed to get the full path is uglier. I think you'd have to do
something like

     use coads_climatology
     list sst[i=1,j=1,l=1]
     list/clobber/file=out.dat sst[i=1,j=1,l=1]
     sp head -5 out.dat | tail -1 | sed 's/^.*DATA SET:/DEFINE SYMBOL
     dpath/' >out.jnl
     go out.jnl
     show symbol dpath

Incidentally, V5.3 also has a way to grab the output of any Unix command as a
string variable. But that's just frustrating knowledge at this point, isn't

    - steve


Andrew Wittenberg wrote:

> Does anyone know how to get the complete file name corresponding to a
> dataset number, and place it in a string symbol?  Ferret will display the
> info with, e.g.,
> yes? show data/brief 4
>      currently SET data sets:
>     4> /net/atw/dynamic/predict/cz/diags/diag439/climatology.nc
> but I can't figure out how to get hold of that file name so I can use it
> in a script.  Is it stored in an internal ppl symbol somewhere?  Or is
> there any way to send the output of "show data" to a file?
> Thanks for any help you can give,
> Andrew
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