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Ferret on-line resources

Hi everyone,
It was pointed out to me that the html-formatting of my  earlier
message made it less than readable for some on the list.  Here's a
plain-text version:

With new users in the Ferret community all the time, we like to
point out some of the resources available to us to figure out how to get

what we want from Ferret and resolve questions about using it.  A great
of  information is available on-line, and  the web pages will often get
you to the answers most quickly.

>From the Ferret web page, at http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/
take a look at the following sections:

Documentation   contains:
- The on-line Ferret Users Guide (this will always be the most
   version of the manual)
- A set of demo's, many of which have html versions
- The PPLUS Users Guide, for details of the plot commands
- Release notes for current and past versions of Ferret
- Scroll all the way down for even more links with background

FAQ page   points to a number of FAQ's -- questions and answers
with example Ferret commands and output

Mail Archives   All the email from the Ferret Users List, archived with
a search engine.  Often a question has been brought up before and you
read the whole discussion.

For those using DODS data sets or LAS, the pages linked to those
topics from the main Ferret page contain demos and for LAS a Users List.

You are already aware of the Ferret Users list, where questions may be
brought to the user community.   This can be a tremendous help in
the answer to particular questions, and for sharing scripts and general

Finally, the Ferret webpage has a Support Policy page, listing all these

resources, and what to do if you have different sorts of problems with

Happy Ferreting!   Ansley Manke and the Ferret developers.

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