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getting the grid name on the fly

Hi Ferret Users,

I currently am calculating the difference of many files and have a method
that works but I'm thinking that there must be a cleaner way.  I'm
calculating climatological anomalies (the climatology is stored in a file
airclimsmooth91.nc) from many different annual data files (air.1957.nc

The current way that I do this is basically:
!open many of the data files in question
use air.1957.nc
use air.1958.nc

show grid/all
!I then write down all the grid names that correspond to the data file in

Then when I want to calculate the anomalies I use:
use airclimsmooth91.nc
!load the data file in question
use air.1957.nc
!regrid the climatology data to the current file
let airanom=air[d=2]-dailyclim[d=1,gt=GKQ1@asn] !where GKQ1 is the grid
name returned by show grid/all earlier
repeat/k=1:17 save/klimits=1:17/file="/data/ncep/aanom.1957.nc"/append

My question is...is there a way to get the grid names on the fly without
first going through and finding the names of them without doing some
sort of show grid/air or show grid/all?  I want to eventually
automate this but currently the grid name is giving me troubles.

Thanks as always.


Brent A. McDaniel

Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Ga.  USA

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