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Re: About Calculation of MLD from Levitus data

Hi Gaorz,
	I think that the problem is that with the definition you
use to define the mixed layer depth there are places in the ocean
where due to sparce data (or missing but improperly flagged data),
where the mixed layer value turns out to be very big.
	If you specify the range of levels you want to plot, then
the ocean is not a blank, and the data poor areas show up as holes.

	Also you do not need to define the 2-meter grid to get
the value of MLD.  The @loc:0 will do a linear interpolation
anyway so the following script would run a lot faster I'd guess.

use levitus_climatology
let diff = temp - temp[k=1] + 0.5
let mld = diff[z=@loc:0]
shade/lev=(0,200,10) mld

Good luck,
Mick Spillane

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